Random Acts of Kindness

The Random Acts of Kindness Project

This is our newest project spurred on by recent events in the Shoalhaven. Drought, fire, flood and then COVID19 has had devastating effects on some families and has seen compassion fatigue among many workers in services throughout the area.

We know kindness promotes empathy and connectedness with others. It releases positivity and hopefully encourages a ripple effect as recipients of a random act of kindness ‘pay it forward’. So a care pack can go to anyone.

We have listed with GIVIT and Good 360, organisations that help charities such as SSPAN to receive donations of goods i.e. sunscreen, wipes, nappies, toothpaste, soap, hoodies, toys. We then put them together in packages to deliver to services, groups, schools etc. Some examples are: pamper packs for men and women, health and hygiene packs, backpacks with essentials.