G’Day Mate BBQ

G’day Mate BBQ

A safe place for men of all walks of life to come together and have a chat.

Our G’day Mate BBQ is held the first Wednesday of each month at PCYC Shoalhaven – 72 Park Rd, Nowra NSW 2541 from 6-7.30 pm. Upcoming dates are 6th of April, 4th of May and 1st of June.

It is a relaxing, non-threatening space for blokes to come together to have a chat, discuss issues if they wish or to support others. They can also be linked with support if required.

We know that men die by suicide, on average, at a rate of 6 per day. And more staggeringly, the number of men who die by suicide each year is double the average road toll.   

For all of us, our mental health varies during our lifetime; it is a pendulum swinging between having good mental health and being able to cope confidently with life, to having severe symptoms or conditions that decrease the quality of our lives. 

Being able to connect with others can help reduce feelings of isolation, increase knowledge, enhance coping skills and bolster self-esteem. And what better way to connect than over a sausage sizzle!

G'Day Mate BBQ

PCYC Shoalhaven – 72 Park Rd, Nowra NSW 2541

Make a difference

Get training on how to help someone going through a mental health crisis.