Shoalhaven Suicide Prevention and Awareness Network

The Shoalhaven Suicide Prevention and Awareness Network (SSPAN) is a network of representatives from the Shoalhaven community, government and non-government organisations. We work closely with the community to raise awareness of suicide; promote recovery from mental illness; and build individual and community resilience; with the aim of reducing the impact of suicide in the Shoalhaven.



 SSPAN Operation Blue Card

We know that asking for help can sometimes be tough. But we also know that putting off asking for help can make things worse in the long run. ‘Everybody can have difficulties in life – many of them we can solve ourselves. But sometimes we need help’. This is the message we want to give young people. SSPAN understands that it can be hard, and sometimes seem an impossible task, for a young person in crisis to summon up the courage and the words to ask for help.

That’s where the Blue Card comes in…

The Blue Card is a simple tool to assist in removing some of the difficulty in asking someone for help. The young person in need is aware of what support they are asking for – because it is clearly written on the back of the card. Asking for help can be the first step to recovery and future resilience.

Click here for more information on Operation Blue Card and to order Blue Cards


New resource from SSPAN

SSPAN has gathered together information on helping support children and young people who have been affected by suicide, and have presented it in a single page resource. This is not an exhaustive list of all websites and resources available, but a good starting point. Children do express their grief differently to adults. It can be tough as a parent or carer to support your child after a death by suicide. We hope this resource will help.

View it here: Resource – Supporting children and adolescents bereaved by suicide

This and other useful resources can be found on the Useful Links page of our website.




SSPAN Young Writers’ Award 2017 – Share the Journey

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 Have you got an idea on how to combat suicide in our community?

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