Foundation Scholarship

We believe that anyone can have a good idea about how to prevent and reduce the impact of suicide in our community.

Sometimes these ideas are seeds that just need a little nurturing to develop into a flourishing strategy that can help others.

We can help make your ideas grow with our members contributing to build on and develop your vision.  We can also assist with funding projects and ideas too.

We don’t want to limit your imagination, so we have developed the ‘Foundation Scholarship’  to allow the community to approach us with ideas, or requests to support programs that are in the Shoalhaven and;

  1. Build Compassion
  2. Create Connectedness
  3. Foster Kindness

If you believe you have an idea or a project that may achieve this and just need some help to make it happen, let us know.

Here is an Acrostic piece from Juan who used our ‘Healthy Minds’ – Youth Help Seeking, Recovery and Resilience Strategy.

Healthy Minds (Acrostic)

Having doubts in what to do?
Envisaging something drastic?
Attempting to solve your problems?
Limiting your chances of a healthy life?
Trying to achieve the impossible without help?
Yes there are others to help, you only need to ask!

Many prefer to go their own way
Influenced by seeming seductions
Never asking for advice about enjoying life
Discovering far too late that there was a better way
Subjecting family and friends to a life of enduring pain

We are developing an electronic form (don’t worry it will be short), to assist requests for assistance and funding with your ideas.  For now, just please email your requests to and we can start to work together.