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‘Operation Blue Card’ is part of our ‘Healthy Minds’ – Youth Help Seeking, Recovery and Resilience strategies.

Similar to other programs that exist internationally, its aim is to assist and encourage young people seeking help at times of need. The ‘Blue Card’ is provided to young people and services that work with youth.  The Blue Card is provided FREE thanks to a partnership with the Rotary Club of South Nowra.

Presently over 40,000 Blue Cards have been printed since the implementation of ‘Operation Blue Card’.

The Blue Cards have gone as far as Bega on the South Coast, west to the ACT and the Northern Territory, and just recently to Papua New Guinea and India!

Blue Cards have been given to Youth Centres, Mental Health Facilities, Emergency Departments, Police, accommodation, schools and businesses.  As part of the distribution of Blue Cards we ask that services provide feedback to help improve Operation Blue Card.

If you are a member of an organisation, you may express an interest in distributing the Blue Card by completing the ONLINE ORDER FORM

Operation Blue Card Introduction Letter – click to download a copy of the letter introducing the Blue Card.

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Q: What is Operation Blue Card about?

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Q: What are the issues that can face young people and why encourage them to seek help?

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Q: Why do some young people self harm?

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 Q: I am parent, I know stress in my child can be normal, but what should I be concerned of?

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Your feedback and comments are important to us.  We want to hear from the community about your ideas for the Blue Card

Please leave a comment in the comment box or complete the more detailed survey here (please see previous comments about the monkeys, they are busy monkeys)